Toi Ora will be closed over the school holidays
And will re-open the 
week of July 25th.

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Toi Ora Live Art Trust is a unique shared creative space in the heart of Auckland city for people in support of their mental health and wellbeing.  Toi Ora Live Art Trust provides an array of visual arts, writing, music and recording classes and workshops that are tutored by professional practitioners with experience and/or an understanding of the issues surrounding mental health.

Studio space is available for people wishing to work on individual or collaborative projects. A range of art materials and resources are available. Members are able to explore their creative ideas and potential in this supported environment.  

If you would like to know more about Toi Ora's history click here or our Studio Classes click here.  If you would like to see our artists and their work click here.

SUMMER READING- Great Article about a Toi Ora like group in San Francisco....

STUDIO CLASSES: This information can be viewed here, or can be downloaded via the following links - Current Progmamme, Registration Form, and Current Enrolment Form.

Check Out Attitude TV's profile of our 20th Anniversary Celebration!


Click here to view a Maori TV overview of the event on TE Kaea
(starts at minute 18.19 seconds....)

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Toi Ora's Inaugural Outsider Art Fair 2014 At Britomart Precinct.


For the official Outsider Art Fair Website click here

For a short video of the inaugural 2014 Auckland Outsider Art Fair click here.
For the 2014 Auckland Outsider Art Fair Catalogue click here.
What is outsider art?

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